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Keeping personal financial records up to date might be a simple task for vibrant adults, but that’s not usually the case with the elderly.

As our loved ones grow older, it becomes painfully difficult for them to take care of their basic needs, let alone keeping tabs on their income and expenses. Even household bills tend to be tricky for them to manage.

But you cannot put your life on hold because you have to take care of your loved ones who are very elderly. That’s where we come in.

Chaudhry CPA can help you handle the various routine financial tasks required by members of your family who can’t do it themselves because of their old age. Our team includes experts who are well-experienced in catering to the needs of the elderly.

The topmost qualities of our experts in terms of caring for the elderly are not merely limited to crunching numbers. Instead, they take pride in being patient with old people. Most importantly, they are honest and transparent, which means you can relax knowing that someone trustworthy is looking out for your loved ones.

Also, you are kept in the loop of every move we make, so you are never in the dark about what is happening. This way, you are sure that the needs of your elderly parent or relative are met.

Our Eldercare Service

The following are the services you can expect from us with regards to eldercare:

  • Handling everyday transactions, such as routine maintenance, and home repairs
  • Proper arrangements for transportation and general care
  • Review of home budgets and keeping of financial records
  • Reviewing and paying household bills
  • Providing expert opinions about household issues, including unforeseen situations such as emergency medical situations and expenses
  • Ensuring that money due to the elderly is received and receipted accordingly
  • Assisting with deposits, check writing, and checkbook balancing
  • Carefully analyzing current income and expenses to determine present and future cash flow needs
  • Assisting with retirement planning to meet needs and goals
  • Safeguarding retirement account against wrongful disbursements
  • Preparing a detailed list of all investments, personal assets, and liabilities
  • Working with the loved one’s investment advisor to properly monitor their assets and investment portfolio
  • Planning, preparing, and filing income, trust, and estate tax
  • Giving professional advice on long-term insurance, Medicare, Social Security, pensions, and more
  • Reviewing legal documents to identify potential issues that need to be addressed
  • Making referrals to relevant agencies and local services when necessary

The time to plan for the future is now. Whether your loved ones require minimal assistance with their daily routines or they are no longer able to carry on with their lives as they used to, we can help them live the rest of their lives as comfortable as possible.

Our elder care services will dramatically reduce your stress and the inconvenience you may experience if you handle the task yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us today so that together, we can give your loved ones the best life they deserve.

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